Technology of fertilizer production

Petro Bac Lieu Fertilizer Plant started construction on May 18, 2016, completed and put into operation in early 2017. This factory has a capacity of 30,000 tons per year, total investment capital is 31.5 billion VND, equipped with modern equipment imported directly with the most advanced technology, ensuring output products’ quality.

PPC produce and provide N.Humate Te fertilizer with many benefits such as : Improve the soil,Inhibit diseases and insect pests.(Anti-bacteria,disease-resistant);.Improve the crops quality and yield, enhance the crops on disater resistance ability; Decomposition of roots of toxin,…..

With raw materials imported from Canada, the modern technology ; well- skills workers and well – experience management team, we offer the best product/service to the customers to achieve win-win.

Photo of Fertilizer Production Process