“United Moon Festival, PPC’s Warm Sharing” 2017

Welcome the new Mid-Autumn Festival, PPC launched the event “United Moon Festival, PPC’s Warm Sharing” to wish to bring a warm Mid-Autumn Festival to the children.
“United Moon Festival” – A healthy playground, helping children experience the atmosphere of traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, reminding adults about the memories of their childhood. PPC want to create opportunities for children to reunite, play traditional games together,… PPC wishes the children and their family have beautiful childhood memories together as the foundation for their future development in modern life when the busy work and electronic devices reduce the relationships.

” PPC’s Warm Sharing” – PPC want to contribute, support, contribute a part for difficulty families and orphan children that will not receive any care from their parents, get a warm Mid Autumn Season. Wishing the children be always healthy, solid and try to overcome all difficulties! “When we long for life without difficulty,
remind us that oaks grow strong under contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” ― Peter Marshall