PPC is a young, dynamic, enthusiastic, united, creative company with the same goal and strive for the sustainable development of the company.

PPC culture is briefly expressed in four core values: Professional – Efficient, Transparent – Cooperation, Prestige – Quality, Dynamic – Creative.

With PPC, each individual is a member of the family. Therefore, in order for the PPC brand to grow further, our management believes that each member is committed to strictly implementing the PPC culture standard for the brand’s reputation, stability, stability and development. PPC.

Make clear plan:

All work is done quickly and efficiently, thanks to detailed, clear planning for each job, each department and every month and for the whole year.

“Time out of work”:

This motto reflects the working attitude and responsibility of all employees. The delay of each individual will affect the other departments as well as affect the production and business of the company. So complete the task sooner than the specified time.

Respectful, friendly:

Always keep the attitude of respect for colleagues, absolutely not criticize each other bad words, people harmony, not loud enough, solidarity to help each other progress.

– Each PPC staff member is a member of the “PPC Family” and each has a different role, but treats each other as members of a family.

Unite cooperation: Keep solidarity solidarity, mutual assistance, to solve the work quickly, most effective. Be listened to and contribute in a heartfelt way. Limit the lowest self in each individual to bring the best effect to the Company.

Compliance with disciplines, rules of the Company:

– Ensure labor safety: Observe the regulations on fire prevention and fighting and occupational safety and health throughout the working process. Be sure not to use alcohol and other stimulants, fire or explosions at work. Do not forget to use the right workwear equipment to ensure the health of yourself.

– Use effective work tools: use the workplace equipment in the most economical and effective way. Do not use on personal affairs and avoid waste.

Transparency is expressed from perception to individual actions within the Company. Governance transparency, co-operation transparency, accountability and transparency.

Transparency Management: Management is done in a transparent, impartial, unobtrusive, fair manner with all members of the family.

Transparent cooperation: Ensure that the cooperation between the staff and partners is always clear and always oriented towards the common goal of the work.

Accountability: To show the responsibility of each individual